Paper Box Carton Erecting Machine

Paper Box Carton Erecting Machine adopts the latest Italian technology, stable performance, high efficiency, easy operation, can produce different size of the paper food box(carton, container, dish, tray),such as burger box, hot-dog box,one block box, food pail box.

paper box forming machine is an automatic machine, specialize in making food carton, box, container which are made from cardboard, paper, paperboard, carton, corrugated paper etc.

The food box(carton, container, dish, tray) is widely used as food container, hamburger box, burger box, hot-dog box(tray), one block box, food pail box (Chinese food box, take-away box), noodle box, fries box(chips box, chips tray), lunch box, meal box, etc.


Carton Erecting Machine Advantage:

  • # Compact structure, Strong frame, keep the machine reliable and durable with low noise.
  • # Hard Plastic-glass cover, Safe and visible for user.
  • # Easy exchange molds to make different products, charging and adjusting time is very short.
  • # PLC program control the whole line, available to make complicated boxes.
  • # Automatic collection, stock, and count.
  • # Human being designed control button and panel, more easy and safe runs by user.

Carton Erecting Machine Technical Specification:

  • Paper size100*100–500*450(㎜) 
    Paper material200-600 gsm paper 
    Paper thicknessmax:1.5mm 
    Machine speed  60—160 pcs/min 
    Paper widemax 580㎜ 
    Motor power/Voltage4KW/380V three phase/50HZ 
    Machine weight1800KG 
    Packaging size3500*1200*1600mm 
    main partsSolenoid valve2 bit 5 passTaiwan AirTAC
     Slideline slideTaiwan HIWIN
     Beltpaper feed beltUSA EP
     Electric AssemblyFrequency converterGermany Siemens
      low voltage apparatusGermany Siemens
      RelayGermany Siemens

    Driving sysem

    PLCGermany Siemens
      touch screenChina Kunluntongtai

Carton Erecting Machine Standard Output Capacity :

  • One block paper box(4-corner box without cover), Max. 180pcs/min;
  • Fries box (chips box, chips tray): Max. 150pcs/min,
  • Burger box (hot-dog box): Max. 120pcs/min,
  • Food pail (DEEP food box): Max. 100pcs/min,

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