Why does the chef hat is high

When it comes to chef hat machine, people would immediately think of high with folds of white, but also full of funny hat.

Butthere are still a lot of people are in doubt, why some chef hat will be so exaggerated height.

The first talk about the origin of fashion. Paris Simao first appeared in France, is a very famous chef to see his

guestswith a white top hat very fun, the chef is itself a humorous person, so I did a higher white hat on his head.

It shapes make guests feel funny, there are a lot of guests is to see it sits to his restaurant. In order to win business,

otherchefs followed with this chef hat to work. Gradually, the tall white hat become chefs work hat.

Now cooks a lot, but chefs cooking is also a relatively large differences. In order to have a different cooking

theiridentity to distinguish these, with chef hat level to judge. Again by chef hat height, can also for the chefs to

be distinguished identity and status. For example, in a comparison of the size of the hotel, chef hat is relatively high,

chefs and chef who wear a hat is relatively high.

chef cap machine

chef cap machine

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