Tulip cup use requirements

The emergence of tulip cup, it can be said that not only improves the cake taste, the key is brought more convenience to consumers. Because of the tulip cups, consumers at any time you can buy a cake of hunger, the key is not appear cake oil adhesion to their own hands, not timely cleaning condition. Here, we say that a tulip cup in the use of the requirements.
Raw material for making the tulip cups requirements, must be environmentally friendly materials. When consumers are using, harm will not give oneself. If can achieve recycling use function, it can be said that it is greatly solves the resource waste phenomenon.
After consumer use of the cake, we must do the correct processing tulip cups, don’t litter everywhere. On the one hand, this is a kind of uncivilized behavior, there is, because of their own uncivilized, may give trouble other man-made, such as step will accidentally fall above etc..

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