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Tulip cup machine though not what large mechanical equipment, the price is not so expensive, but the proper maintenance is essential. Some people think that more maintenance and less maintenance and not what effect. In fact, the reasonable maintenance, will let you use the machine for longer life, let your machine appears less fault, only a little effort you can let your interests. Below we’ll talk about volume maintenance edge cup machine should pay attention to what the problem.
First of all, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar’s exposure to the sun, if let you tulip cup machine for long periods of time exposed to the sun, will make your machine color becomes dull, ugly appearance change. Also let some lines shortened life expectancy, so that the machine appear more trouble.
Second, is to pay attention to read the manual, manual inside there will be some machine structure and use the matters needing attention are introduced, must strictly abide by the method of use.
Finally, is simple to solve as soon as possible, will not care about small problems may lead to big problems, repair cost is different.

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