tulip cup machine for bearing cup fixture requirements

tulip cup machine can be said to have been widely used in various industrial manufacturing aspects.

Because a lot of goods in real life if we consider, all need to be treated with a rolled edge. Only after the crimping

processing of goods, in the market will be highly recognized consumer.
However, the concrete situation of the present volume edge cup machine, there are still some problems to be

solved using people further, make the function using the cup machine hemming more perfect.
For the current use of tulip cup machine, the first problem of existence is the degree of automation is low,

there are a lot of operational procedures will require the operator through the manual to complete, so the tulip cup machine

production efficiency can be said to be a serious restriction.
On the bearing clamp using standard has been lower, because the bearing clamp is relatively simple, therefore the production is,

the concentricity can better guarantee. The concentricity can not be guaranteed under the condition that the workpiece machining

accuracy is no better assurance.

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