The specific classification of chef hat

muffin cup In the past people used to describe all kinds of occupation of 360 lines which appear in our life, as the society

develops to today, can be said to have not only 360 lines selected for the world. In these industries, each line in

addition to the legal aspects of constraint,, and common practice in the industry in all walks of life to restrict people’s

behavior. And in the 360 row, not only did not change, but the industry is getting better cook this line. Here,

below we for chefs wear chef hat to understand.
baking cup It can be said that cooks wearing chef hat addition is considered in the health of the guild regulations, a symbol of chefswear

chef hat or identity, status, level. But it is after the international chefs association rules down. Now, in a large hotel kitchen,

cooks wearing a chef’s hat can be divided into a chef’s hat, cap, chef cooks cap. Next, we specific to these classification and

understanding of the situation.

Chef by wearing a chef’s hat, in height requirement is 29.5 cm, and then there is the kitchen of the chef and chef can also be

worn so that a high degree of chef hat. Other chefs wore chef hat whose height is 25 cm. Then the cook in the kitchen workers,

highly required to wear a chef hat is 10 cm -10.5 cm. But for those who have special knowledge of the initial, by wearing a chef  hat

up to 35 cm high.

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