Into China’s largest oil importer was mixed

Chinese customs data show that in April, China’s oil imports amounted to 7.4 million barrels per day (equivalent to 1/13 of the world’s daily oil consumption), more than 7.2 million barrels a day in the United States imports.

Over the past more than a year, the international oil prices are low, China imported aggressively, captured the lowest “buy”, is undoubtedly very clever. Consumer imports during this period, expansion of the inventory, no matter how is the winner. International oil prices are rebound quickly, if the oil reserve as a national strategy, China has firmly grasp the strategic opportunity.muffin cup manufacturer

Bottom in the success of international oil prices at the same time, the author must be the “triple” concerns.

A, more than half of its supply on overseas, even in the geopolitical disputes in the Middle East, anyway is a threat.

Second, China’s excessive dependence on fossil energy, and the development of new energy and clean energy such as shale gas greatly behind the United States.souffle cup machine
Third, reflecting a surge in domestic demand for oil, it will bring great pressure to the environment, especially the urban environment. One of the most realistic problem is the urban smog pollution emissions from cars occupy a large factor.

Way out in two aspects:

The first fundamental measures is to increase the fossil energy supply, increasing shale gas, wind energy and other clean energy development and utilization, drastically reduce exhaust emissions, it needs a long process. And control urban smog pollution has come to the point where it is urgent. cake cup machine supplier

The second measure is to improve the oil refining standards, through the supply high oil to reduce exhaust emissions. Gasoline consumption tax has three times, should be applied to the oil refining all up on the label as soon as possible, as soon as possible to supply high quality product is the pollution of the immediate measures to solve the problem.ketchup cup price

In short, China surpassed the United States, as the world’s largest oil importer was mixed, mixed.

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