Fastest racing drone manufacturer in China

Fastest racing drone manufacturer in China

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Fastest racing drone

Last week, the love Fan children to tell you that ESPN has put “unmanned aerial vehicle racing”

(Fastest racing drone,Fastest racing quadcopter) regarded as sports, but we also reminded everyone:

race UAV, and we normally play aerial machine is completely different.
We normally play aerial machine is like this (below).

Fastest racing drone
Secret UAV racing future will become commercialized sports game?
But people racing UAV is like this (below).

Fastest racing drone
Secret UAV racing future will become commercialized sports game?
What are they different?
Not aerial, it is through
Racing UAV (Racing Drone), we generally call through the machine. We see it daily aerial

machine is completely different: aerial machine to shoot, so it is the pursuit of stability,

security and the ability to shoot; but only through the pursuit of the machine speed,

response and flexibility.
In order to become the fastest on the track of unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft and ships

through aerial machine has the following differences:

Fastest racing drone

(Fastest racing drone,Fastest racing quadcopter)
Secret UAV racing future will become commercialized sports game?
Size: aerial machine in pursuit of stability, generally use a larger wheelbase, for example

Dajiang Wizard 4 is 350mm, while Yuneec Q500 is 550mm. But through the machine to

pursue greater flexibility and less inertia, they need to be more lightweight, finer body,

therefore their axis moments often only 200mm-300mm, and the current mainstream

is about 250mm;
Structure: As a large aerial body type, so they have to spend a longer blade, and because

the blades are often at the top of aerial machine body, looks like a paddle hanging UAV flight;

but through the machine in pursuit of greater flexibility, it must be placed in the middle

of the center of gravity of the body, so through the machine more like a V grasshopper

on the ground;
Control: aerial machine must be very stable in order to take Mimi large, so the aerial

machine joined the electronic equipment like GPS, barometer, ultrasound or visual sensors,

steady hand to assist fly fuselage; machine through the pursuit of flexible and responsive,

but all your computer homeostatic functions will hinder the flight, these sensors

plus heavy and power, so mostly through the machine does not auto-electronic equipment,

almost all manual flight, the difficulty of the operation is much higher than aerial machine;
Shooting: aerial machine in pursuit of beauty, so in addition to their need for better shots

outside, will hang heavy head to stabilize the lens; but through the machine concerned not

to shoot, so many of them even when the camera is not linked directly linked to the real-time

image transmission even if the lens, not to mention the kind of heavy aerial machine like the head;
Real-time image transmission: aerial machine in order to pursue a lot smarter when shooting

skills, and a clearer shot preview, and use a slightly sluggish real-time digital image transmission

technology via WiFi streaming similar manner, the camera clearly live video transmission to

fly hands; but through the machine requirement is fast, fast, fast, real-time image transmission

can not be any delay, when so many of them will use the analog signal (analog) Illustrated:

Although there is often an analog signal transfer screen snow, but the transmission speed is

almost 100% synchronized with the UAV, and image transmission with glasses, lets fly hand

first time to react.
Through, is dominated by DIY
In addition, racing through the machine with nine out of ten are based on ad hoc UAV

(DIY Drone) based. Although there are many anecdotal like the Walkera Runner like racing

like hand that is flying drones, but understand through enthusiasts inevitably selected from

the group UAVs.
Secret UAV racing future will become commercialized sports game?

Fastest racing drone

(Fastest racing drone,Fastest racing quadcopter)
First, since the group UAVs can provide greater freedom to fly hands. Since the machine

through the main track in flight, they often have to respond to different tracks and environments

use different UAV settings: for example, encounter lap race on the need for more light,

but shorter endurance unmanned aerial vehicles, but formal encounter 10-12 lap time trial,

you need to use a strong endurance, greater loading capacity of UAVs. Therefore, since the

group only UAV in order to provide maximum flexibility.
Secondly, since the machine is mainly through the full manual driving, coupled with frequent

high-speed flight, high-speed cornering, unexpected naturally more common, therefore, damage

rates UAVs are particularly high. If you use a custom Group for UAVs across machines, not only

easier to find parts for maintenance and parts costs are also relatively low.
UAV racing, racing is not
Although the sense of speed and racing UAV irritating, it seems very close to the car, but in fact

it is very different with the car. That is because: UAVs can fly.
Maximum fun racing UAV is that it has a real three-dimensional track, the track will be for the

majority of UAVs can fly this route devised a lot of ups and downs, and occasionally arranged

quickly established through a narrow channel pass, out of hand control test fly UAV technology,

compared to the difficulty of the car and it had been all over.
In addition, since the UAV will not touch the ground, so it does not “grip” concept, coupled with

the higher speed of the steering axis design allows it, so the UAV racing, most of the time in every

way drift cornering, but not as flying hand racers can experience the shift of the center of gravity,

therefore, can only rely on visual flying hands and intuition to judge changes the center of gravity

of the UAV, which is a test flight hand concentration and alertness.
However, in the control UAV advantage is racing forward only to fly, but the UAV can fly to any angle.

When racing during cornering, braking deceleration only through in order to stabilize the body;

but when needed through the UAV flight to reverse deceleration, centrifugal force when the UAV

is about to extract a track, you can also fly hand flying in the opposite direction to stabilize the flight

path, so that there is more colorful UAV technology changes.
UAV is not racing gadgets
In terms of assembly, the operation more difficult and interesting racing UAV has gone beyond the

“stuff” level, get attention. Currently UAV activities have begun to enter the professional racing, and

this emphasis on ESPN racing UAV, also on behalf of its development has been widely recognized.

It seems the near future, UAVs racing sports a great chance to become serious and large scale

commercialization of sport.

(Fastest racing drone,Fastest racing quadcopter)

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As a sales manager of Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd, I’m privileged to help people and solve problems. Find me on Face Book,Twitter, and let's connect on LinkedIn.
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