Durian mango crepe thousand layer cake

muffin cup tulip cup tulip cup baking cup

Durian heat, can promoting blood circulation and cold food, ease the pain, especially by dysmenorrhea women eating durian, at the same time improve abdominal cold, promoting increased body temperature, can be an excellent regulation of cold constitution; folk also spread the durian galactagogue prescriptions, also might as well try oh.

Because the family did not like to eat durian durian, mango and so deliberately mix together, durian mango crepe cake made of this special flavor.


Durian meat 500 grams

Mango flesh: 500 grams

Eggs: 3

Sugar: 40 grams

Milk: 280 grams

Cream: 20 grams

Butter: 20 grams

Low gluten powder: 120 grams

Cream: 500 grams (used for stuffing)

Sugar: 50 grams (used for stuffing)

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